Yizumi-HPM Launches Three New Series of Injection Molding Machines

New – FF-N Series Electric

New – PAC-K Series High-Speed Packaging   

New – DP-N Multi-Pro Series Two Platen Multi-Material             

High Quality and Built to North American Design and Standards

Iberia, Ohio, July 2nd, 2019 – Yizumi-HPM Corp., a division of the Yizumi Group and a leading manufacturer of high-quality injection molding machinery from 65 to 4400 tons, announces the introduction of three (3) new series of injection molding machines and the debut of Yizumi-HPM full line of linear robots.  The three new machine models and robots will be on display at our upcoming Open House Event to be held at the Yizumi-HPM technical center located in Iberia Ohio on October 30th, 2019.

FF-N Series Electric – Yizumi-HPM Corp announces the launch of our new FF-N series of servo-electric models designed for North America.  The new FF-N series will offer 7 new models from 135 to 500 US tons with available shot sizes from 2oz to 80oz.  FF-N series machines are supplied standard with a small fully integrated servo-hydraulic power pack to efficiently manage cores, ejectors & carriage movements.  Yizumi-HPM applies its own SDC (servo direct control) technology for speed and pressure control that delivers faster closed-loop response times.  The SDC technology also ensures full-electric closed-loop control of injection, plasticizing and clamp opening/closing speeds and position accuracy.

New – PAC-K Series – Yizumi-HPM Corp announces the unveiling of our new PAC-K series of next-generation packaging machines designed for North America.  The new PAC-K series will offer 3 new models – 275, 385 & 500 US tons with available shot sizes from 7oz to 24oz.  The PAC-K series is based on a high-efficient servo-hydraulic system that does not depend on inefficient hydraulic accumulators; all PAC-K models deliver injection speeds up to 23 in/sec (585 mm/sec).   The high-speed clamping unit makes use of a negative angle toggle with linear bearing guides, no tie bar bushings, ultra-rigid platens for minimal deflection and a high response servo pump proportional valve hydraulic system for precise control.

New – DP-N Multi-Pro Series – Yizumi-HPM Corp announces the addition of our DP-N MultiPro series of two-platen machinery in wide-ranging multi-material configurations.  Based on professional technology, different injection units can be combined to inject different materials.  With the Yizumi MultiPro process, a new product made from various materials can be produced via an injection molding machine and a production step. Multi-Pro has become an innovation in the field of high-end multi-component injection molding.  For machines configured with a turntable, Yizumi-HPM employs our DCPC technology that enables the servo-electric driven turntable to rotate fast and smoothly without impact. The positioning of the turntable is accurate with repeatability of ±0.005°.

New – YR Series Robots – Yizumi-HPM Corp announces the addition of a full line of cartesian robots and pickers that will be available for all Yizumi-HPM injection molding machines including high speed and dual-arm applications.  All robots make use of a fully closed-loop control system that ensures the accuracy and reliability of movements. Intuitive free programming is convenient for operation by means of a true color touch screen with a multi-language menu style interface is supplied standard.

Yizumi-HPM Corporation sells and manufactures injection molding machines and die casting machines based upon HPM designs but utilizes the engineering, manufacturing and financial strengths of YIZUMI. Yizumi-HPM is now positioned to offer technical injection molding machines that deliver high quality at an affordable cost. For more information, visit yizumi-hpm.com.

Bill Duff, General Manager, Sales & Marketing

Mobile: (302) 605-0233

Email: duff@yizumi-hpm.com

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