FF-N Series Electric InjectionMolding Machine

Product Upgrade
Efficiency Upgrade
Automation Upgrade

FF-N Series135-510 US Tons
Three Year Golden Warranty

Double Injection Speed

Compared with tradition machines, double injection speed not only shortens the injection time but also brings more possibilities of variety of plastic part design. Customers enjoy more flexibility in the design of wall thickness, gate size and precision of the molded parts.

50% higher plasticizing speed

The increase in plasticizing speed reduces cycle time and enhances the stability of parts produced.

50% faster mold open and mold close

Dry cycle time is definitely important to customers. Faster dry cycle means higher production efficiency

Multi-axis simultaneous movements

As mold opening and closing, injection and plasticizing are driven by individual motors, any kind of movement synchronization can be easily achieved in the case of no technical and safety violation.

Base Specifications (Imperial)

Model/TonnageInjection Size RangeClamp StrokeMin Mold ThicknessMax Mold ThicknessDistance between tie-bars
FF-100-N1.4 – 6.812.65.9116.1416.53×16.53
FF225-N5.32-21.5518.97.8722.0522.83 x 22.83
FF265-N12.02-13.2120.878.6623.6224.80 x 24.80
FF330-N13.79-43.4224.029.8425.5928.35 x 28.35
FF420-N18.97-59.3627.9511.4228.3532.28 x 32.28
FF510-N27.05-79.8231.8912.9931.8936.22 x 36.22

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