FE-N Series All-Electric Injection Molding Machines

FE-N series machines deliver

Precision / Stability
High Efficiency / Energy Savings

Energy-saving measures

For the purpose of energy efficiency, fully servo control is applied to clamping, ejection, plasticizing and injection. Mold height adjustment and injection carriage are subject to vector variable frequency control to get more accurate torque output and lower energy consumption at the same time.

  • High Efficiency
  • Energy Savings
  • Long Service Life
  • High Repeatability
  • Low Noise
  • Intelligent Mold Protection
Control & Monitoring Unit
Highly-sensitive 12-inch color touch screen
Memory of molding conditions
Alarm record
Operation modification record
Two sets of USB interface in the operator panel
Real-time display of injection and plasticizing curves
Electrical control circuit for robot
Multiple languages (Chinese and English)
Metric and English unit conversions
I/O check displaying function
Printer interface (USBI7)
Cycle time monitoring
Production management function
Real-time display of injection molding data (200 items displayed, 2500 items saved)
PDP data and charts
Injection quality check
Product quality monitoring
Cycle counter
Parameter settings overview
Low-pressure mold protection curve checking
Molding temperature monitoring
Three-color alarm light
Alarm buzzer
Injection pressure protection
EUROMAP 12/67 electrical interface for manipulator
Other system languages
Clamping Unit
5-stage mold opening and closing control
Low-pressure mold protection (Ai highly-sensitive mold protection)
Low-speed, low pressure mold opening and closing in mold adjustment mode
Injection compression (clamping synchronized with injection and ejector backward)
Ejector backward during mold closing
(Mechanical and electrical) mold opening and closing safety devices
Movable platen adjustment device
Automatic mold height adjustment
Options of ejector backward mode (four modes)
3-stage control of ejector backward
Ejector backward delay
Ejector backward time monitoring
Change of ejector backward zero point
Mold opening during ejector backward
Ejector backward in place confirmation
Mold cooling water distributor (4 sets for 60 Ton and 90 Ton machines, 8 sets for other machines)
Embedded double-size locating ring design (fixed platen)
Emergency stop function (on both operator side and non-operator side)
Robot mounting hole
Central lubrication system
Slope control for mold opening and closing (high, medium and low modes)
Curves of mold opening and closing and ejector backward
Function of core unscrewing (2 sets, controlled by time, position or counter)
Functions of needle valve/gate (4 sets)
Air blast (4 sets)
Core unscrewing device
Needle valve/gate device
Air blast device
Locating rings
Heat insulating plate of mold
Plasticizing & Injection Unit
Wear-resistant screw component (open nozzle)
Injection safety device (detector switch)
5-stage injection control
3-stage holding pressure control
3-stage plasticizing control
3-stage back pressure control (accuracy of 0.1MPa)
Suck-back before or after plasticizing
Injection and plasticizing delay (time control)
Holding pressure switching mode (6 modes)
Injection speed response setting
Multi-stage injection pressure control
Multi-stage pressure control of holding pressure
Multi-stage speed setting for holding pressure
Multi-stage time setting for holding pressure (0.01s as the minimum)
Multi-stage screw position setting (accuracy of 0.01mm)
Multi-stage plasticizing speed setting
Mold opening during plasticizing
Closed-loop control of molding temperature
Temperature holding
Temperature optimization
Synchronized temperature rise
Appointed temperature rise
Synchronous temperature rise
Remaining resin prevention
Screw cold start prevention
Automatic material purge
Calibration of injection pressure zero point
Real-time display of plasticizing speed
Real-time display of plasticizing back pressure
Swivel injection unit
Barrel heat-retaining energy-saving device
Dedicated barrel and screw assembly
Spring shut-off nozzle
Extended nozzle
Ceramic heater band
Color of FE series all-electric injection molding machine
Closed safety door
Adjustable vibration-damping wedge mount
Reserved socket (220V/380V)
Hopper (max. load of 50kg)
Hopper sliding device
Tool kit
Auxiliary electrical cabinet
Mold lifting device
Vacuum air extractor
Glass-tube cooling water flowmeter
Added cooling water circuit

FE-N Clamping Unit Specs

Clamping force (US Tons)6090120180260
Opening stroke (in)9.849.8414.7617.7223.62
Space between tie bars (in)14.17×12.6014.17×12.6020.08×18.1122.05×22.0525.98×23.62
Platen size (in)19.69×18.5019.69×18.5028.35×26.3831.50×31.3039.37×38.03
Mold thickness (in)5.91×14.375.91×14.375.91×18.117.87×23.629.84×29.53
Locating ring (in)3.943.943.944.724.72
Ejector stroke (in)2.562.563.944.725.91
Ejector force (US Tons)
Type of ejector driveElectric (5-point)Electric (5-point)Electric (5-point)Electric (9-point)Electric (13-point)

FE-N Injection Unit Specs

SpecificationScrew diameter (in)Shot volume (cu in)Shot weight (oz)Screw speed (rpm)Plasticizing capacity (oz/sec)Injection speed (in/s)Injection rate (cu in /s)Injection pressure (psi)Holding pressure (psi)Nozzle contact force (US Tons)Matched Clamping unitMachine Weight (lbm)
130h0.791.40.764000.1713.86.751343410462.04FE65-N FE100-N FE135-N6834 6834 14110
130h0.982.81.514000.3013.810.539740317632.04FE65-N FE100-N FE135-N6834 6834 14110
130h1.103.61.904000.4913.813.231618252372.04FE65-N FE100-N FE135-N6834 6834 14110
300h1.104.72.504000.4913.813.247862382903.57FE135-N FE200-N16535 19621
300h1.267.13.784000.5913.817.236695292983.57FE135-N FE200-N16535 19621
300h1.429.04.794000.8413.821.729008232063.57FE135-N FE200-N16535 19621
300h1.5711.15.914001.1113.826.823496187103.57FE135-N FE200-N16535 19621
430h1.4210.65.613000.6311.818.635824285723.57FE200-N FE290-N20723 30424
430h1.5713.06.933000.8411.823.029008232063.57FE200-N FE290-N20723 30424
430h1.7716.58.773001.2411.829.122916182753.57FE200-N FE290-N20723 30424

FE-N Injection Unit Specs (High Speed)

SpecificationScrew diameter (in)Shot volume (cu in)Shot weight (oz)Screw speed (rpm)Plasticizing capacity (oz/sec)Injection speed (in/s)Injection rate (cu in /s)Injection pressure (psi)Holding pressure (psi)Nozzle contact force (US Tons)Matched Clamping unitMachine Weight (lbm)
240s1.266.13.264000.5919.724.533359266873.06 FE200-N19401
240s1.427.84.134000.8419.731.126252210303.06 FE200-N19401

FE-N Injection Unit Specs (Low Speed)

SpecificationScrew diameter (in)Shot volume (cu in)Shot weight (oz)Screw speed (rpm)Plasticizing capacity (oz/sec)Injection speed (in/s)Injection rate (cu in /s)Injection pressure (psi)Holding pressure (psi)Nozzle contact force (US Tons)Matched Clamping unitMachine Weight (lbm)