A5-N Series High-end Servo
Injection Molding Machine

A5 Series 65-1125 US Tons

Core Customer Value:
Reliability & Stability

To fulfill the core value of“reliability & stability” in A5-N series medium-large machines, we redefine and
strictly implement key inspection and performance criteria below:

  • Backflow detection variation <1mm
  • Plasticizing weight deviation<0.5%
  • Platen parallelism (after load) <0.18mm(UN900A5-N)
  • Platen parallelism (mold opening to 100mm)<0.54mm(UN900A5-N)
  • Force deviation of tie bar <±3%
  • Repeatability of clamping force <1%
  • Accuracy of mold-open end position <2mm

Unit Information

The Clamping Unit is Stable, and built to be highly rigid.

The platen structure is designed with European style and fully optimized parameters and force distribution. High-rigidity materials and
manufacturing processes for base frame ensure the machine is strong, stable and reliable.

Uniform-stress clamping technology

Uniform distribution of clamping force, less platen deformation .

Lower clamping force is applicable to produce the same part without flash, protecting platen and mould.

Extended ejector guiding platen design

Ejector guiding extended, effectively avoiding ejector plate tilting and improving stability of ejection.

Uniform distribution of ejector force , precise ejection position with better ejection performance..

Highly Rigid Clamping Unit

Less platen deformation, better parallelism, less deviation of stress on tie bars, more precise repeatability of clamping force.

Applicable to high-speed & high-pressure injection molding requirement, effectively improving precision of molded parts.

Extended moving platen support

The movable platen is equipped with front heavy-load sliding supports. The center of gravity of support moves forwards to the mold mounting surface, preventing the platen from tilting. Machine still operates steadily when it is loaded with heavy molds.

Mechanical structure of injection unit-stable, less friction

Optimized injection structure design improves rigidity of injection unit.
Reduce all frictional resistance during injection molding process enhance the stability & precision of injection.

Three bearings

A deep-groove ball bearing is added to the front of transmission shaft, close
to the screw, to improve the support of transmission shaft, reduce vibration when it rotates and prolong the service life of thrust bearing.

Low friction oil seal inside injection cylinder

Injection cylinder adopts low friction oil seal design, fully reducing injection friction and ensuring longer service life.

Proportional back pressure for plasticizing

Proportional back pressure facilitates accurate control by industrial computer
and enhances the stability of injection.

Integrated linear guide rail support

Medium size machine adopts integrated linear guide rail, horizontal double- carriage design and double -cylinder injection to ensure injection is reliable & stable.

Integrated linear guide rail support reduces the friction between injection unit and linear guide rail or tie bar and enhances production repeatability.

So far, Yizumi has comprehensively grasped the application technology of energy-saving servo system since it was further studied in 2005. The third-generation servo system has been improved and optimized in the internal structure of motor,
the standard of magnetic steel, the selection of oil pump and the development of drive software to achieve superior performance in stability, reliability, durability, energy conservation, efficiency and low noise; the servo system uses 30%-80% less energy than conventional hydraulic machines.

Professional brand-name motor

High pressure gear pump

INOVANCE servo drive

Proven by years of practical application and higher configured, the third-generation servo system is stable, reliable and durable and characterized by high efficiency, energy saving, low noise, strong power and fast response.

Low Noise, Fast Response, High Performance

Under the same working conditions, the third-generation servo system emits 20% lower noise than the previous generation when producing the same product.

High efficiency gear pump realizes fast response injection molding which can be used in high-precision molding.

Special high-torque servo motor and high pressure gear pump greatly improve the low speed molding and continuous pressure-holding performance with excellent repeatability.

High precision control system – more accurate control of system pressure, flow,
position & temperature, higher part repeatability, as well as more stable overall machine performance.

Low oil level alarm

Automatic low oil level alarm function prevents gas from
being sucked in due to low oil level, avoiding consequent
instability of hydraulic circuit.

Non-contact transducer

MST absolute displacement sensor,without shift of zero
point and influence of mechanical vibration, prevents electromagnetic and surge interference and has dvantages of failure rate, longer lifetime & high control precision.

Professional control system

  • A5-N series emplo ys A ustria’s KEBA control system with user-friendly interface and higher processing speed.
  • 12”TFT color touch screen, visualized graphic parameter setting, actual parameter values recorded and displayed with curves, more accurate online process analysis
  • Free programming is available to meet the needs of special molds and processes.
  • Extensible I/O modules c an integrate with more functions, including temperature control and sequence valve as needed.

A5 Injection Specifications

Specifications for sizes under 450 are currently available on the spec sheet.

Shot volumecu in73.1491.36111.61102.44125.14150.10102.44125.14177.29135.28162.27223.61194.68230.07309.41263.63307.54411.82
Shot weight (PS)oz38.948.659.354.566.579.854.566.594.471.986.3119.1103.7122.5164.8139.9163.2219
Screw diameterin2.682.993.312.993.313.622.993.313.943.313.624.253.623.944.573.944.254.92
Injection pressurepsi326042609221364288042356919653288042356916621315602631019000308642613619421302842597619377
Injection rateoz/sec1316.219.816.820.524.616.820.52918.722.430.921.124.933.625.229.439.4
Screw L:D ratio22.3:120:120:122.1:120:120:122.1:120:120:121.9:120:120:121.7:120:120:121.6:120:120:1
Max. injection speedin/sec4.334.334.334.494.494.494.494.494.494.
Screw strokein12.9912.9912.9914.5714.5714.5714.5714.5714.5715.7515.7515.7518.918.918.921.6521.6521.65
Screw speed(stepless)r/min0-1930-1930-1930-1760-1760-1760-1760-1760-1760-1720-1720-1720-1500-1500-1500-1300-1300-130

A5-N General Specifications

Specifications for sizes under 450 are currently available on the spec sheet.

Clamping forceus tons4505406307319001125
Opening strokein27.5630.7133.4635.4340.9448.03
Space between tie bars(H×V)in x in29.92x27.9532.68x31.8933.46x31.8936.61x36.6139.37x39.3745.67x45.67
Mold thickness (Min.Max)in9.45-28.7410.24-31.8912.99-33.4613.78-35.4315.75-39.3717.72-45.67
Ejector strokein8.278.668.6611.0211.0212.6
Ejector forceus tons12.412.418.720.520.530.8
Hydraulic system pressurepsi253825382538253825382538
Pump motor powerhp52.8+30.874.6+30.874.6+30.880.5+48.380.5+52.880.5x2
Heater powerhp35.4/41.444.4/48.544.4/57.750.9/6356.3/68.462.4/85.3
Number of temp control zones777777
Dry cycle timesec44.55.56.578
Oil tank capacitygal150201201264304343
Machine dimensions(L×W×H)in315.7x83.9x94.9337.4x84.6x97.2343.7x87x98376.8x88.6x102.8413.8x93.7x103.5447.6x102.4x104.7
Design weightlbm3520045100473006490088000110000