World Class Die Casting

LEAP (380T-9000T) 

YIZUMI LEAP is the result of connecting advanced international engineering expertise with YIZUMI`s experienced R&D team. This state of the art technology provides our customers with highest casting precision and top of the line reproducibility. LEAP Technology, with its innovative hydraulic and high performing control system with intuitive HMI, ensures maximum casting process control to achieve highest production efficiency.

Key features

  • Yi-cast TRUE real time close loop control shot end with European level of performance. (Freely programmable shot profile including shot brake)
  • Highly dynamic injection with speeds of over 10m/s and up to 50G of acceleration;
  • Managing metal in the shot sleeve with stable shot velocity of 0.02 m/s;
  • YIZUMIYi-Cast smart shot control with self-learning and 10-step programming in every phase;
  • Highly accurate opening and closing with +/-1mm and 7 speed levels;
  • YIZUMI ORCA control system with well structured, intuitive graphic menu on the large size multi touch screen;
  • Intuitive, state-of-the-art hydraulic drive system offering highest performance at low energy consumption;
  • YIZUMI’s flexible energy board allows easy standardization of all tool energy connections.

*Some of the performance values may deviate based on machine sizes.

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