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HPM II Series Die Cast Machines

The Cold Chamber Die Cast Machine is Back and Better than Before

II Series 400-3500 US Tons
Three Year Golden Warranty

HPM Die Cast Machine II

Continuing our 50+ year history of supplying rugged cold chamber die cast machines, the II Series is back with an improved design. The new II series from HPM North America has an improved C-frame support, upgraded Servo Shot III closed loop shot speed control and the latest Allen Bradley CompactLogix plc and IO. The new II Series will meet your most demanding die cast needs and provide your business with the industry’s lowest total cost of ownership.

  • Auto Lube in grease or oil
  • Vickers/Eaton Components
  • Linear Transducers
  • Full Guide Bar Support
  • C Frame Supported Short End
  • 10 Micron Filtration
  • Servo Shot III
  • Cast Steel Linakge
HPM Die EndUnitsII-400II-600II-900II-1200II-1600II-1800II-2000II-2500II-3500
Locking ForceUS Tons400600900120016001800200025003500
Tie Bar Centers – HxVInches29 x 2935 x 3546 x 4654 x 5462 x 6265 x 6568 x 6877 x 7784 x 84
Tie Bar DiametersInches468910.511111315
Free Die Space – HxVInches24×2429×2938×3845×4551.5×51.554×5457×5764×6469×69
Die Height – Min. – MaxInches12-3014-3616-4024-5025-6127-6428-6832-7635-85
Die Stroke – Min. – Max.Inches15*12-18*23-29*24-30*24-36*24-36*32-42.5*32-42.5*33-54
Shot EndUnitsII-400II-600II-900II-1200II-1600II-1800II-2000II-2500II-3500
Cylinder DiameterInches4.254.7566.588.599.512
Cylinder StrokeInches14.5-18.519-2323-2932-3832-3834-4037-4342-4847-53
Shot Positions-StandardInches0 & 60 & 6 or 90 & 9 or 120&12 or 15To OrderTo OrderTo OrderTo OrderTo Order
Shot PenetrationInches3.5-7.55.5-9.54.4-10.48-149-159-1510-1610-1612-18
Shot Speed – maxIn/sec260250/400250/400250/400250/400250/400250/400250/400250/400
Accessory DataUnitsII-400II-600II-900II-1200II-1600II-1800II-2000II-2500II-3500
Hyd. Ejector Cyl. ForceUS Tons12.717.817.8************
Hyd. Ejector Cyl. StrokeInches555************
Hyd. Bumper Plt ForceUS Tons11.619.523.531.951.251.263.563.5112.5
Hyd. Bumper Plt StrokeInches3.0555.0, 8.0 opt88101010
Hyd. Fluid CapacityGallons250260493495900900117511751175
Floor Space – WxLFeet6.7 x 17.47.1 x 26.28.6 x 31.110.3 x 3611.5 x 4511.5 x 46.520 x 4620 x 4617×51
Machine HeightFeet9.811.311.511.513.613.6131316
Dry WeightLbs38,00057,000103,000160,000240,000280,000352,000418,000613,000

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