Spare PartsYIZUMI-HPM can assist with upgrades, maintenance, rebuilds, parts, machine moves, startups, and more. Call 740-382-5600 Ext 1 for immediate support!


HPM Legacy and Yizumi Parts

YIZUMI-HPM maintains an extensive spare parts inventory for legacy HPM Corporation machines produced in Mt. Gilead, Ohio.  We are ready to provide you exactly what you are looking for and have the expertise to identify your requirements. Same Day Shipping Available.  All HPM Makes and Models Supported.   We are the ONLY Company to provide OEM parts to the original specifications.

HPM Machine Service

Whether your HPM machine is a Mark I, Mark II, Next Wave, Freedom, Castmaster, II Series, M Model, Prodex or Universal model,  our service engineers have the knowledge and experience to troubleshoot and solve your problem.

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